ST2121x-TP 21.5″ Color Touch Display

Designed for near patient use, the ST2121x-TP features
essential surgical ready attributes; IP rated, fan free, suspension
arm mounting, and cable cover. When used in the surgical
field, the ST2121x-TP functions beneath a sterile drape or
surgical gloves. The ST2121x-TP is rugged, easy to integrate
and simplifies installation.

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The ST2121x-TP is a 21.5″ P-CAP Display designed to fit
the needs of today’s surgical suite and interventional lab
evnironments. Featuring a Full HD (1920×1080) and True Flat
viewing area, the ST2121x-TP delivers excellent UI visualization.
This mid-size display offers an excellent balance between
viewable surface and desk top footprint.

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